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i can’t explain why i like this

But I do. I normally hate green cars and if it’s not a convertible, it doesn’t do much for me anyway. But there’s something about this almost poisonous color combo - black racing stripes totally necessary, by the way - that just works. It’s sexy.

This is more my speed, in fairness:

The 2012 modifications are slight, but they make a big difference overall. I think this is the best-looking convertible Camaro to come out in several years, and it looks stunning in black. 

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what i’m driving now…

So this was and still is my first car. Mine doesn’t look quite this nice, but considering that I wrecked it and it looked like this

and now it looks just slightly worse than the first, shiny picture up above, I’m calling it good. 

The car is 12 years old now and only has 67000 miles on it, about 40000 of which I’ve put on it in the three years I’ve been driving it. It drives like a dream. It’s not perfect, but it’s comfortable enough for someone six foot tall like me, and - most importantly - its top goes down. 

I love it, and even while I lust after Corvettes and Mustangs and all the other sexy cars out there, I’m going to run this car until the wheels fall off.

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